Band members


Pertti Kurikka (guitar)

Pertti writes riffs for the songs but doesn’t always know how to play them. Sami teaches Pertti and Pertti gets pissed off. Pertti examines the seams in people’s clothes and asks everyone to give him records on his birthday. Pertti is also the official organ grinder at Lyhty, a nonprofit organization that provides housing and [...]
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Kari Aalto (singer)

Kari writes lyrics, sings and talks. He loves motorcycles, hates pedicures and lives in a group home in the wealthy neighborhood of Töölö. Kari describes the group home and its depressing surroundings in his lyrics: “I live in a group home in Töölö, but I don’t like it because the area is too quiet. People [...]
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Sami Helle (bass)

Sami plays the bass, is a politically conservative NGO activist and a member of the Centre Party of Finland. Sami is also a homeboy living in the same group home as Kari. He lived in New York when he was little, speaks English well and is thus an important person when the band tours outside [...]
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Toni Välitalo (drums)

Music is everything to Toni. He’s always playing, singing or watching his favorite soap opera on TV, but mostly playing. Sometimes when others argue, Toni wants to cry. Most of the time, however, it makes him want to laugh. Toni is 27 and lives in Espoo with his parents. His parents wish he’d become independent [...]
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