International Sales
Autlook Films

Press Inquiries
Mouka Filmi Oy
Puh. 040 731 4354

Distribution in Finland
Buena Vista International Finland
Publicist Niko Kananen
Tel. +358 9 8562 9556

Other inquiries
Producer Sami Jahnukainen
Mouka Filmi Oy
Tel. +358 40 731 4354

Mouka Filmi Oy
Vanha talvitie 1
00580 Helsinki, Finland


12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Susanne Sturm says:


    We have heared very good critics about this film. Will you release the film in Switzerland. If yes, when do you plan it? If no, would it be possible to get a DVD or Blue Ray Copie with german subtitels? We like to show the film in a small, privat movie club in switzerland. Thank you for your answer.

    Greeetings Susanne

    • admin says:

      Hi Susanne
      I have forwarded your request to Sami Jahnukainen the producer of The Punk Syndrome. If you don’t hear from him within a couple of days, try emailing or calling him directly! :)
      Best wishes
      Laura, site admin

  2. Markus says:

    i saw a TV story about this Film. Can i buy the DVD in germany?


  3. Olivier POISSON says:

    Hello I saw your story in France (“Tracks” special SXSW on Arte TV).Really amazing! Is there any projection plan in France programmed? French subtitles on dvd? French people must see this treasure!

    • Kovasikajuttu says:

      Hi Olivier,

      and thanks for the feedback. At the moment the only distribution we have in France are the festival screenings. Stay tuned, maybe we’ll get there some day! :)

      BR, Illusia / The Punk Syndrome -team

  4. Robert Franz says:


    Can i buy the dvd with german subtitles?
    I saw on swiss tv the film with german subtitles, so it exists. But on the tv-page( nothing is written from german subtitles.

    Robert Franz

    • Kovasikajuttu says:

      Hi Robert,
      unfortunately we only have dvd with English, Swedish and Norwegian subtitles. Other translations have been made for festival- or tv-screenings, but at the moment we don’t have them on dvd. Sorry!

  5. Alexander Klank says:

    I watched the movie on the “Supertar Film Festival in Croatia”. I was very excited about it. I work similar with people in music- theater projects in Switzerland. If possible, I would be happy to buy the movie (DVD) ? Do you think you could send me one to Switzerland? Thanx for your answer.
    Best Greetz Alex

    • Kovasikajuttu says:

      Hi Alex,

      We’re currently all out of office, but send us your order and we’ll see what we can do when we get back from holidays! The price would be a little higher though, to cover the postages.

      BR, Illusia / The Punk Syndrome team

      • Alexander Klank says:

        Hi there
        Thanx for your offer. I would like to have 1 dvd (version with english subtitles). Sure, i understand the higher price. Let me know how much it would be. You want me to post my delivery address right here? Is a payment by credit-card possible?
        I wish you all nice and relaxing holidays.
        Until soon.
        Best regards Alex

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