The Punk Syndrome in Variety

May 8, 2012 in Film News, Uncategorized

The Punk Syndrome has been reviewed by the highly recognized film magazine Variety.

John Anderson writes: “Focusing on the handicapped head-bangers who make up the Finnish band Pertti Kurikka’s Name Day, this thin-ice-treading docu opens a window onto alternative culture, human nature and the very narrow line between so-called normal people and those on the fringe.Proper marketing could take Jukka Karkkainen and J-P Passi’s funny, edgy and very human feature into cult-hit territory, although the subject and subtitles will provide built-in limitations for this low-budget, rock-fueled verite movie.” The whole article can be read here.

The film opened in cinemas in Finland last Friday and was received very well by the audience. The Punk Syndrome was also screened in Hot Docs Festival last week. Information about forthcoming festival screenings abroad will be announced later this week.