1970’s – Arrival of punk

A lot of the pioneers who started with punk back in the late 70’s, later migrated into a variety of more mainstream styles.

  • Eppu Normaali
  • Pelle Miljoona

Second wave and hardcore

Hardcore punk was an international phenomenon. Finland was, with Italy, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands one of the countries were became most popular. (Outside the US and the UK of course.)

Some Finnish bands of the era:

Is Finnish punk dead?

Well yes and no. As a large youth movement, the days of punk are probably over. However, there is a vibrant underground scene of live punk.

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät is maybe the only punk band of recent years to really gain any significant media exposure. This was, of course, partly due to their unique background. But musically the band is also uncompromisingly punk.